Web Header – Key frame of the film
We travelled around the 
world to put it into words 
for the launch of the new 
Parker Sonnet.  

Behind the campaign:
An integrated, omnichannel and global launch campaign for the new Parker Pens Sonnet Special Edition made of:
90" Hero film | 30" cut down | 20" product film | Campaign visual | Webspecial | In-Store Visuals | Influencer Strategy | SEO & Google Keyword | Verbal Assets 

The film was shot in Singapore and Sri Lanka and was produced for less than 60,000 USD including the campaign visual. The launch of the campaign created hundred thousands of impressions and an extraordinarily high engagement response on social networks. 

When we travel, we experience uniquely beautiful and often indescribable moments.  Moments that live in the thick of the surreal: the life-changing encounters, the indescribable moments that can't be captured on a smartphone camera. Moments that live through their rich details and that are often hard to put into words. The new Sonnet Special Edition from Parker, is designed to allow travelers to capture those moments and to put the world into words.

Scroll down to discover 
all the ins and outs!

Enough words, 
watch the Hero Film!

Watch the cut down. 
It's just 30sec anyway!

Key Frames 
Key Frame – Opening shot of the hero film. Drone shot above a forest in Sri Lanka
Drone shot of hero character kayaking through the river in Sri Lanka / Asia
Shot of the hero character on the famous train in Sri Lanla / Asia
Close up shot of the female hero cast. In the background is the city of Singapore / Asia.
Close up of the female hero character exploring the night markets in Sri Lanka / Asia
Aspirational shot of the hero character using the product in the train while looking thoughtful outside the window. Location: Sri Lanka / Asia.
Shot of the hero character in front of a bon fire. He uses the product to write. Location: Sri Lanka / Asia
Close up shot of the female hero character using the product in front of a chinese neon sign. Location: Singapore / Asia.
Wide shot of the hero character standing at the ocean side. Location: Sri Lanka / Asia.
Mid wide shot of the female hero character looking above the skyline of  Singapore / Asia at night.
Close up shot of the product – Pen writing down notes onto a notebook. Product demonstration shot.
Closing shot of the female hero character using the product / pen. Location: Sri Lanka / Asia.

Campaign Visual & 
In-Store Product Visuals
Campaign Visual / Key Visual / Hero Visual – Hero Character of the campaign is sitting on top of a cliff, thinking, using the product.  Incorporated into the visual are the product, headline, and logo.

Interactive web special, landing page for the product.  Web design and web development. Intro section. Product section. Inspiration zone.

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