Intro header for the Etihad case study / Etihad project.
We travelled through time to 
celebrate 100 years of achievements 
since the birth of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan. 

Behind the campaign:
– The objective of this campaign was to pay tribute to the founding father of the UAE and to celebrate all the wonderful achievements of Abu Dhabi since the birth of its founding father. The idea was to follow a little boy who was discovering and running through time in a fictional museum that presented 100 years of achievements.
– The film hit an emotional nerve with the residents and nationals of the United Arab Emirates and went viral on social media with more than 20 million media impressions created.  

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all the ins and outs!

Watch the 
Hero Film
Social media success: the campaign created over 20 million media impressions across facebook, twitter, youtube and instagram.
Making Of & 
Key Frames
Making of, storyboard for the preproduction of the campaign.

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